Single Sign On Project

Project Concluded:   TBD

DB Reference:   asl_sso

Last Updated:   April 04, 2023

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At present, Active Directory is being used to offer a centralized authentication system for most of the services. However, some services are still not compatible with AD authentication. I have thoroughly considered a long-term solution to this problem. As Windows machines cannot be replaced in certain situations, LDAP is not a viable alternative to replace AD. Therefore, I am exploring the possibility of integrating AD authentication into as many services as possible, if not all of them, that require a user account to function properly.

Implementing AD authentication for all services may involve considerable programming efforts in various languages, which could extend the project's duration. Moreover, depending on the lifespan of a given service, it may not be worthwhile to integrate it with AD authentication. As a result, some services may never be compatible with AD authentication, even in the long run.