GitLab Project

Project Concluded:   October 15, 2022

DB Reference:   dc_stor_gitlab

Last Updated:   September 26, 2023

picture of gitlab self-managed instance.


While GitHub may be a suitable platform for many, it could not be reliably accessed in certain regions, such as China. Also, concerns about code privacy prompting the need to seek alternative options. Eventually, I choose to self host my own GitLab instance.

Specification & Structures

As of April 2023, the system has the following specification:

Hardware: 1 * 6 Core CPU & 6G Memory Virtual Server

OS: Debian 10.

Detailed Description

Based on our dynamic storage backend, my GitLab instance integreated with Active Directory authentication. This centralized authentication system has proved beneficial in managing the accounts of research group members. It has significantly reduced the impact scope of a potential code or password leak caused by a careless developer.

ASL internal GitLab instance.

At the time this page was updated, the GitLab platform is current hosting all codes for the Genetic Analysis Project and some other project which I do not wish to be public(like this website).

The self-hosted instance can be accessed via this URL: ASL GitLab.