About Me

me on the BU bridge, september 2023.

Incoming Ph.D. Student at Johns Hopkins University, Computer Science.
Master's student of Computer Science. Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, Boston University.

Co-founder and sponsor of Aurora Studio League (ASL)

Updated: June 17, 2024

I have a deep passion for a wide range of cutting-edge computer technologies, including Database & Storage Systems, Cloud Computing, Networking, Machine Learning, Distributed Systems, and High-Performance Computing. I'm self-motivated to delve into new concepts at my own pace, with a keen focus on their practical applications in real-world scenarios. I'm also eager to venture into interdisciplinary areas such as bioinformatics, where I can harness my expertise to collaboratively create beneficial technologies with a group of researchers from other backgrounds.

As part of my Master's studies, I am currently collaborating with Professor Manos Athanassoulis at BU's DiSC Lab. My current focus is on customizing ISA instructions set of RISCV core and deploying it on FPGA boards. For more information, you can visit the DiSC website. Although FPGA is a new field for me, I'm thrilled to acquire new knowledge. Apart from that, I'm enthusiastic and willing to learn about other technologies that I'm unfamiliar with.

During my free time outside of school, I'm dedicated to completing my mini datacenter, which is only accessible to me physically when I'm on vacation. Although the small server room is operational, I believe there is considerable potential for improvement. For example, I plan to upgrade its surveillance system, UPS, access control, and network configurations, such as VLAN and gateway exit policy. My intention is to carry out these upgrades in 2024, while also endeavoring to contribute to more research projects at the same time.

Milestones (time for references only)

  • [INDEFINITE]. [PLANNED]Infiniband project.
  • 2024. [PLANNED]Smart DNS, GPFS Storage, Anycast IP project.
  • 2024. [PLANNED]Surveillance, Smart ventilation for a safer and greener datacenter.
  • 2023. Ph.D. application.
  • 2023. FPGA soft-core project at BU, for the relational memory.
  • 2023. Join BU's DiSC Lab as a graduate research assistant, working with Professor Manos Athanassoulis on the relational memory project.
  • 2022. Dedicated mini datacenter project launched.
  • 2022. Continue M.Sc of CS at Boston University
  • 2021. Graduate school application.
  • 2021. Development of Genetic Research Project related scripts.
  • 2021. FULL 40G QSFP+ LAN with Arista 7050-QX-32.
  • 2021. Deployment of SRA Project dedicated equipments.
  • 2020. First LTO 6 tape library.
  • 2020. Storage cluster (N * HP DL380 G9 with 65 TiB Raid 6 disk array).
  • 2020. Computing Cluster (3 * DELL R740 with dual Intel Xeon Platinum 8269CY).
  • 2020. Genetic Research Project launched.
  • 2019. Deployment of first server rack.
  • 2018. First Quad-way server (quad Intel Xeon E7-8895V2).
  • 2018. Begin studying CS at BU (B.A.).
  • 2018. Forum upgraded (ASL) & Minecraft Server reloaded.
  • 2018. First industry-standard OEM server (DELL R630).
  • 2017. Second x86 Server (self-assembled dual Intel Xeon E5-2678V3).
  • 2017. First website from scratch (AP CSA class notes website).
  • 2016. My first X86 Server (dual Intel Xeon X5675).
  • 2015. Website rebuilt (ASL).
  • 2013. First website (ASL).
  • 2013. First physical server (Raspberry Pie).
  • 2013. Founded Aurora Studio League with a cohort of friends
  • 2012. First Minecraft Server.