Primary Interest


Genetic analysis, medicine prediction, and data cleaning.

Machine Learning

Application of ML algorithms. Data processing and result analysis for bio project.

Server Architecture & System Security

Cluster architecture, security, distributed, and high performance computing.

Data Systems

Including data storage and management, databases, and analysis of giant amount of data.

Featured Project

Minecraft Servers

Configured 10s of minecraft servers, including proxy, lobby, and sub game servers. Each has different plugins and configuration and game version. Hosted all on my own server hardware with BGP optimized network. Open-sourced management software were configured to provide web control.

Computing Cluster

Design the structure of computing servers (hardware and software). Estimating performance needed, Purchasing and assembling the cluster hardware. Installing and configuring operating systems. Equipment includes DELL R740, 630, 620, 510. HP DL380 G9, Supermicro X10QBL, Arista 7050QX-32, etc.

40G Local Network

Design network architecture of server cluster. Configuring switches up to 40G and do fiber cabeling. Configuring VLAN, IP address, and speed negotiation for transceivers and switches. Manage network configuration for computing servers, storage servers, 40G switches, and tape library.

Bioinformatics Project

Download TBs of data (NCBI/ENA), circumvent download restriction, and run analyzation with software like fastqc, cutadapt, and salmon by automated script I wrote. Managing security and load balancing policy. Configuring Active Directory and managing access to different machines.

Latest Hardware

Inquring, finding, trying latest generation of server hardware. Deciding the best storage solutions both short-term (disk arrays) and long-term (tape library). Upgrading existing hardware to meet project needs on a cost-performance basis. Designing pipeline for entire upgrade process.

PB Storage System

Estimating space and I/Os required for different needs. Purchasing and configuring the server and disk arrays. Deploying storage servers each has a capacity of 65 TiB (RAID 6). Configuring RDMA (RoCE) for both computing and storage servers. Managing access and quota of different accounts.