Teamspeak3 Project

Project Concluded:   May 13, 2022

DB Reference:   asl_ts3_server

Last Updated:   September 26, 2023

Part of the Global Access Project

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Having only one physical server but want to have share its performance? Thats where virtual machines could be very useful. In this project, I have installed and configured VMware ESXi 6.7 Hypervisor.

screenshot of 4 teamspeak status

Specification & Structures

As of April 2023, the system has the following specification:

Hardware: 4 * 1 Core CPU & 1G Memory Virtual Server(CentOS 7 & Debian)

Access Point(s): HK01, LA01, BJ01, BJ02

Detailed Description

This project has created 4 Teamspeak 3 Server. One on the Beijing BGP network, One on Beijing general network, one on HongKong BGP network, and one on LA CN2 network. The four servers provide reliable voice service to people at different locations.

For international calls, HK01 was used. For communication within mainland China, BJ01 or BJ02 was used. For calls involve US, use LA01.

For service status, please refers to ASL Status Page.

screenshot of 4 teamspeak servers